No Expensive Quotes, Zero Hidden Fees. One. Flat. Hourly Rate. 

-only pay for the hours you use & never a cent more. 

Full Service Residential Relocation.

Two Men & 18ft Truck $125/Hr

Our Two Men & 18ft Truck option is the perfect choice for 1-2 bedrooms with small to medium loads, furniture relocation, or single item pick up and drop offs! Our Two Man Moving Help teams take care of all the heavy lifting and stress that comes with moving! 

-Two Full Service Moving Experts.

-Fully Loaded 18ft Truck With Ramp.

-Professional on time pick up & drop off. 

-Protective Blankets, Tie- down Straps, Dollies, Tools, ect. 

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Three Men & 20ft Truck $150/hr

Our Three Men & 20ft truck option is the perfect choice for moves requiring heavy appliances, equipment, pianos, large house furniture, or any big house moves that might require multiple stops. Our Three Man Moving Help teams take care of all the heavy lifting and stress that comes with moving! 

-Three Full Service Moving Experts.

-Fully Loaded 20ft Truck With Ramp.

-Professional On Time Pick Up & Drop Off.

-Protective Blankets, Tie-down Straps, Dollies, tools, ect. 

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Already have a truck? Let us do all the work! 

Boulder's Best Moving Helpers 

Two-Man Moving Help Team ($95/Hr)

The perfect choice for families who want a completely hassle free move! Our highly trained and experienced moving help teams will take care of all the heavy lifting and make sure your move goes as smoothly and hassle free as possible. Let our All Star Movers do all the work! (Labor services only truck not included)

 -Loading / Unloading

-Packing/ Storing 

-Furniture Rearrangement  

-Rental truck pick up & drop off

-Any Moving Help Needs!

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Three-Man Moving Help Team ($115/hr)

Our Three-Man All Star Moving Help Teams are perfect for big house or storage unit jobs that require appliances, commercial / industrial equipment or large size trucks. Perfect for full house moves, multiple locations, or commercial relocation. Let us do all the work! (Labor services only truck not included)             

-Loading / Unloading

-Furniture rearrangement 

-Appliance Help

-Rental truck pick up & drop off 

-Equipment Relocation

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Sit back, relax, and let us do all the work.
— -The All Star Team

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Why Boulder All Star Movers? 

   Boulder All Star Movers was designed to replace the old fashioned moving companies and expensive quotes to a more realistic and simplistic method. Whether you just need a helping hand moving a few heavy items or moving the whole house, our All Star Moving Help teams are there for you every step of the way. With a flat hourly rate for only the hours you need and zero hidden fees, Let our team here at Boulder All Star Movers show you why we're the best in town, without hurting your wallet. Simply fill out an appointment form catered specifically to your moving needs, and our team will do the rest! Only pay for the hours you use and never a cent more! 

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  • Services We Offer: 
  • Full Service Residential Relocation
  • Full Service Commercial Relocation
  • Pick up & Drop off
  • Furniture Delivery
  • Loading help
  • Unloading Help
  • Furniture Rearrangement
  • Packing Help
  • Wrapping and Taping
  • Rental Truck Pick Up/ Drop Off
  • Rental Truck Driving Help
  • U-Box Pick Up & Delivery 
  • Single Item Transport 

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