Three Men + 20ft Freight Truck ($150/HR)


Three Men + 20ft Freight Truck ($150/HR)

from 300.00

Our Three Men + 20ft freight relocation is the perfect choice for miscellaneous freight up to 3000lbs. max. Our 20ft freight trucks are the perfect choice for small to medium size freight from pallets of products to commercial equipment & goods. Our Three Man Team is meant for heavy appliances, oversized or specialized equipment or any single un-palletized item weighing over 350lbs. 

-Three Full Service Moving Experts 

-Fully loaded 20ft truck with Walk ramp or 2500lbs. lift-gate. 

-Professional on Time Pick up & Drop off. 

-Protective Blankets, Shrink wrap, Tie-down Straps, Dollies, Tools. 

(Round Trip Duration from our facility) 

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